Protocol and logistics services



At the end of this training trainees will:

  • Develop skills for efficient protocol and travel management.
  • Plan and organize national and international travel and make hotel reservation
  • Plan international exhibitions, visits and events
  • Turn complaints to opportunities
  • Effectively manage difficult people
  • Create realistic budgets and control costs
  • Reduce the impact of unexpected emergencies and crises
  • How to identify your target markets leverage on them and build  long term customer patronage


 SSCE, Diplomas, First Degree, (BA, BSC, BED, B Tech,) Masters, MBA

Who should attend
  • Admin Officers and managers
  • Protocol Officers
  •  Meet and Greet Facilitators.
  • Event Managers
  • Embassy Support Staff

Course content:

Managing the protocol and travel function

The right documents at the right time, in the right place

Accommodation and international travel Requirements

Exhibitions, Conferences, Visits and events – Nationally and Internationally

Budgeting and Cost Control

Risk and Disruption of Travel – Proactive Management

Leadership  development and performance management

Business Strategy formulation

Practical Applications of Goal setting – Theory to Management

Aligning performance management with organizational Strategy, Values and Goals

Maximizing Productivity

Make or Buy Decision

Cost of Stock

Distribution channels


Translate Priorities into Design Competing on Cost, Quality, time & flexibility

Understand Trade offs

Productivity Measurement, labor & Multi-factor

Productivity interpretations and growth rate

Certificate awarded

Certificate of Merit from QTTC AIR Aviation Training School (Upon Successful Training Completion)