Cabin Crew Recurrent






To ensure cabin crew maintain proficiency and continue to remain current to exercise  the privileges of their license   they must undertake regular recurrent training at least once every  12months on the same aircraft type.


 Must have done Cabin Crew Initial training,

Trainee must be in possession of a cabin crew license.

SSCE, Diplomas, First Degree, (BA, BSC, BED, BTech,) Masters

Who should attend
  • Airlines Front Desk Personnel
  • Young graduates who have concluded the Initial cabin crew Training.
  •  Airline Cabin Crew members

Course content:

Emergency procedures,  pilot incapacitation, decompression, in-flight medical emergencies, Survival, Dangerous Goods spillage, Crowd control after an evacuation, Fire and smoke procedures .

Practical-drills for exit operation in normal and emergency situation.

Location and handling of all emergency equipment, including oxygen systems, and the wearing of lifejackets, portable oxygen and protective breathing equipment (PBE)

Medical aspects and first aid, first-aid kits, emergency medical kits and their contents, emergency medical equipment

Standard Operating Procedures, Stowage of articles in the cabin, Pre-flight, In-flight  and post –flight procedures, Handling of special Passengers

Aviation Security procedures

Aircraft Systems

Incident and accident review

Crew resource management training

Certificate awarded

Certificate of Merit from Qttc Air Aviation Training School

Satisfactory fulfillment of the Class 2 Medicals, drills (Fire fighting, ditching and evacuation).

Please note that Cabin crew license renewal is at the entire discretion of NCAA.