9 suggestions for & where to purchase inexpensive involvement bands 2023

News flash: that you don’t even have to blow 90 days’ wage on an engagement ring — that exact adage originated in a Depression-era
De Beers promotion
to sell diamonds.

Marriage internet site The Knot states the common cost of an engagement ring concerns $6,000, basically still an unattainable price for a lot of people hoping to get interested. A
Ny Occasions
study found that many people really invest between $500 and $1,400.

In case you are hoping to get involved but can not afford to pay thousands on an expensive gemstone, available a reasonable gemstone without sacrificing size or charm.

That will help you select the perfect engagement ring for the passion for yourself, we make a list of:

Inexpensive wedding bands: 8 some ideas

1. Estate and old-fashioned rings

You’ll save cash on an engagement ring by purchasing an estate or traditional band.

Jessica Bishop, president associated with the resources Savvy Bride web log and composer of
The Budget-Savvy Event Planner & Organizer
, has generated a lifetime career around helping lovers save money on their unique nuptials.

She advises partners take a look at Etsy or ebay for
vintage rings
or visit a local jewellery store that specializes in old-fashioned or vintage precious jewelry.

It is possible to keep an eye out for local estate product sales discover an ageless and affordable gemstone for your lover.

For instance of cost benefits expect, i came across a 1-carat vintage diamond engagement ring for $3,199.99 on ebay. I then created a diamond with similar specs (1 carat, I color, SI2 clearness, 14k gold setting) on Brilliant Earth, an online jewelry store, which had been cited at $4,690.

Suzanne Martinez, jewelry historian, community of senior gemologist and co-owner of
Lang Antiques
located in san francisco bay area, advises getting estate/antique jewellery from a dependable and well-informed supply who are able to let you know what you’re buying and provide information on the band’s record.

But if you do not get directly from a jeweler or old-fashioned provider, Martinez shows checking the ring’s markings.

“Those small small scars found on jewelry can hold a wealth of knowledge,” Martinez states. “These are the key to resolving who made the portion, where when it was generated, steel fineness, style quantity, etc.”

It’s also possible to get a
precious jewelry assessment
on whatever ring you order to find the importance and exactly what stones/metals it has.

If you learn the ring you bought isn’t really everything believed, you can always
offer the engagement ring
receive cash to purchase an innovative new one.

2. Engagement rings on consignment

You will find inexpensive engagement rings from online
shops like TheRealReal,
I Do Today I Don’t
, as well as brick-and-mortar consignment stores that carry superb.

Normally some affordable engagement bands available on TheRealReal:

3. gem bands

Bishop says gem stone wedding bands are becoming ever more popular among brides with increased modern preferences. Additionally they offer probably large financial savings over standard diamond engagement rings.

They’re some common gemstones for more affordable engagement bands:

  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Ruby
  • Aquamarine
  • Pearl
  • Moonstone
  • Citrine
  • Morganite
  • Tourmaline

The Gemological Institute of America supplies a
Gemstone Encyclopedia
with information about common gems and what purchasers will want to look for in a good jewel:

The values of those gems differ with respect to the deepness of these shade, as well as their slice, dimensions, and quality.

Selecting an alternate gemstone for a reasonable gemstone, check out the firmness of material for durability. For a ring which is used daily, the gem stone ought to be rated about a 7 from the
Mohs Hardness Scale
or higher.

These records is actually listed for every gemstone about GIA website. This is the fact sheet for aquamarine, and that’s ranked between 7.5 and 8 regarding Mohs level:

4. Lab-grown diamond bands

Lab-grown diamonds tend to be genuine expensive diamonds, created under the same problems as an earth-mined diamond, says Loni Arnold, gemologist and manager of
Arnold Jewelers
in Largo, Fla. The real difference is the fact that lab-grown expensive diamonds are manufactured in a managed planet instead of deep within planet’s crust hundreds of thousands (or massive amounts) of years back.

“it is impossible to inform the difference between an Earth-mined and lab-grown diamond without having to use costly equipment products,” Arnold states.

She claims lab-grown diamonds can be purchased in a variety of traits, sizes, and shapes and certainly will usually be bought at about half the price of an earth-mined diamond.

“these kinds of diamonds are limitless, so we can expect to see progressively of these obtainable,” Arnold says. “since this occurs, it is going to reduce their value more and more.”

5. Moissanite bands

Moissanite is another alternative diamond grown in a laboratory that exhibits lots of the exact same attributes of a diamond.

“On a refractometer, it determines as a diamond possesses the name power as a diamond,” Arnold says.

Moissanite can refract a lot more light than a diamond and so provides a lot more “sparkle.” This has a 9.5/10 stiffness standing on the Mohs level (expensive diamonds have actually a 10 score).

In accordance with the
International Gem Community
, you could get a moissanite rock how big is a 1-carat diamond at under $1,000. For a diamond this size, you would spend at least $3,000, with considerable compromises in tone and quality.

Moissanite will come in many shapes and sizes, is normally free of any popular weaknesses, and is colorless or almost colorless.

6. light silver vs. platinum

According to New York City jeweler
Frank Darling
, a white silver gemstone prices about $300 much less on average than a platinum band.

For guide, these two similar configurations from on the web jewelry store Blue Nile — one out of 14k white gold plus one in platinum — have an amount huge difference of $350:

However, there are some things you have to give consideration to when you’re trying to decide between a
white gold vs. platinum
engagement ring setting:

  1. Platinum is an obviously white steel, while white gold is made from pure gold plated in a white steel (typically rhodium). The all-natural silver tone will start to shine through with general deterioration, so it’s best if you’ve got the white silver gemstone replated every half a year to a year. (not long ago i had to pay about $75 getting my personal white gold ring replated). But you don’t need to get gemstone replated that often (or at all) if you are okay along with your band facing some of those warmer sounds over time.
  2. Platinum is hypoallergenic. Many white gold bands tend to be plated in a hypo-allergenic steel, although natural gold will start to come through over time.
  3. White silver is more challenging to scrape than platinum, though platinum is stiffer and really does a more satisfactory job of keeping gems set up.

White gold vs yellow gold: what is the distinction, in fact it is worth even more?

7. avoid luxury companies like

When you shop for an easily affordable gemstone, it is a smart relocate to skip luxury brands like
Harry Winston
or shops which happen to be often higher priced simply because of the brand name appeal.

As an example of the cost markup on deluxe brands, a 1-carat platinum solitaire diamond engagement ring from Tiffany’s is over double the price of an almost identical ring from on line jewelry store James Allen. Both rings have a similar color, slice, and clarity:

Arnold claims you may be able to get additional cost savings at a nearby jeweler over a chain jeweler like Kay’s or Zales.

“searching at an area household jewellery store not only benefits a nearby company helping put meals on the family’s dining table, but frequently they offer things at reasonable market value so your money goes further,” Arnold claims.

She states you need to comparison shop and compare costs on similar rings from various jewelers and prevent producing impulsive and uninformed decisions when you’re looking for a reasonable engagement ring.

“Oftentimes, a precious jewelry shop like our very own shop can custom make any designer band for a portion of the purchase price,” Arnold says.

8. Engagement bands available

Bishop recommends keeping an eye fixed aside for seasonal sales and applying for mailing lists become aware of recent and upcoming gemstone deals.

“dark tuesday and Cyber Monday are great instances to find deals, since engagement season tends to be Thanksgiving to romantic days celebration,” Bishop claims.

9) Look for utilized engagement rings for sale

There are numerous situations whereby someone may promote their own engagement ring, affording you a lower-priced, discounted engagement ring since the selling price of expensive diamonds as well as other superb means 1 / 2 of the current retail price:

  • She (or he) said no
  • Separation And Divorce
  • Inherited engagement ring from a person who passed on
  • Couple upgraded their ring, with no much longer make use of this one
  • Etc.

To comprehend how much cash the utilized gemstone is definitely worth, it really is beneficial to ask for or buy a
diamond official certification
, or perhaps get the
diamond appraised

Most readily useful locations to obtain inexpensive wedding bands:

Prepared start purchasing? We developed a list of locations purchasing an affordable engagement ring your partner will love:

Consignment shops

Consignment retailers that purchase and sell fine jewelry can be great places to find inexpensive wedding bands. You’ll be able to decide to try shopping on the internet consignors like TheRealReal, Poshmark, and Mercari.

eBay could very well be the most popular system for buying and offering utilized stuff, and therefore contains engagement rings. Just be sure you are purchasing from an established vendor with increased standing and you check purchaser ratings before purchasing.

A good rule of thumb? If some thing looks too good to be real, it most likely is.

Find an engagement ring on ebay >>

Etsy is actually a gold mine — pun meant — for individuals looking for inexpensive and
special engagement rings
. A lot of independent precious jewelry manufacturers have setup store here, and that means you can buy a lovely, custom engagement ring without paying jewelry shop prices.

Once again, check store and reviews in order to avoid frauds or low-quality involvement rings.

Help separate jewelers and shop on Etsy >>

A niche site for second hand luxury goods, Gemma offers various involvement rings at a steep discount, such as pieces from Tiffany, De Beers, Cartier,
David Yurman
, Gucci, and Dior.

Get a hold of your great engagement ring now >>


Capucinne is an internet jewelry shop that features inexpensive, whimsically-designed custom made wedding ceremony and involvement bands. You can easily pick ready-to-ship ring styles or use Capucinne to create yours customized ring. Listed below are some inexpensive engagement bands on Capucinne:

Find a distinctive and affordable gemstone from Capucinne >>

Maybe you are in a position to get an affordable engagement ring from a nearby pawn store if you find one which discounts in superb.

Another resale system for deluxe items, TheRealReal generally provides an increase of pre-owned, inexpensively valued involvement rings.

Local jewelry shops

Local precious jewelry stores can often operate affordable that will help you find or make a wedding ring your spouse will like, without string shop markups.

Online jewelry stores

Bishop says websites like Blue Nile, James Allen, and Frank Darling are great spots to look for inexpensive involvement rings since you can search a wider variety of styles and features.

Shopping on the net in addition lets you amount compare similar rings across several retailers.

Classic and property store/dealers

Gemstone shopping at an estate sale or old-fashioned shop can secure you an unique band at a portion of the fee. There are also traditional rings online from websites like
and ebay.

Like with any major buy, be sure to study critiques or request papers to guarantee the ring you are buying is legitimate. You could consider the band’s marks for more information on it.